I’m thrilled to welcome you to RuggedOutdoorsGuide.com! I’m a Canadian guy, and along with my gorgeous wife, we’re trying to raise a family of 3 young kids in Southern Ontario’s bushland and farm country. Rugged Outdoors Guide is as much about being a man or woman of integrity as it is about being rugged and loving the outdoors.

The “rugged Outdoors” part is about my love for the outdoors and wilderness activities. The “guide” part speaks of my hope that I can share my lifetime of experiences in the wilderness! I certainly don’t know everything about the bush and the outdoors, and I’m learning new stuff daily! But I have enough in my hard drive of experience that I can trickle out information about best practices in the outdoors probably for the rest of my life!

My goal is to educate you in outdoor life activities as best I can. My family loves traditional activities like camping, canoeing, fishing, boating, hiking, and all things outdoors. We are also a family that believes in God and in His design for our world. That includes the concept that men are men and women are women, and God made us both as perfect complements of each other. The idea of manhood and masculinity is under attack and I’d like to play at least a small part in stemming the tide!

I often give a salutation in my videos that includes a reminder to look to God in all we do and to enjoy His matchless and intricately designed creation. Please do not be offended, for that is not my purpose. My only hope is that all would find rest and peace in His love.

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