Best Kayaking and Canoeing Locations Near Me

If you’re looking for the best places to put in for a few hours or a few weeks, we have an interactive map where you can add your own locations and see areas where others before you have gone.

Remember that it’s important to do further research, especially if you’re looking for multi-day trips that include camping. You may need permits, or you may not be able to camp at all.

Many locations are only valid for day trips while others (like many Provincial parks in Canada) are primarily used for multi-day excursions.

Our friends over at have provided us with a map of nearly all possible locations for your to drop your canoe or kayak in the water for the day or longer. For detailed location information, you’ll be re-directed to

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An EVEN BETTER way to find locations for paddling is to download the GO PADDLING app.

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The Go Paddling app is available for both Android devices and iPhones.

Download from Google Play
Download from Apple App Store

We love the app since it gives us nearly all the information we could ask for. It tells you exactly where it is using Google Earth satellite images or a full graphic map.

If you ask for directions it will plan a route from your current location. You’ll get a written description and then a list of amenities including (but not limited to) the launch point location, parking status (free or paid).

There’s also a huge list of other items that really help in your planning process. For example;

  • Permit required (yes or no)
  • Bathroom availability
  • Drinking Water on site?
  • Are there campsites?
  • Is there a boat ramp?
  • Is there food available nearby?
  • Is it wheelchair accessible?

…and lots more!

Trippers can leave their comments regarding their experience and there is often inside information you wouldn’t otherwise know unless someone on-site did the research.

You will even be given the GPS coordinates.

All this information is available for the low, low price of … $00.00/mo (no time limit, usage limit or other strings attached).

Can I Add my Own Experiences?

You certainly can. In fact, that’s one of the main (attractive) features of the app. You can create your own location, add photos, videos and commentary, and then give as many details as you’d like to help future paddlers navigate your exact route.

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Add your own trips, details, locations, amenities and more! We love this app!

That is an incredibly empowering feature, and in researching my local area, I see there are no “bogus” trips planted by a spammer or joker. From my own research, it all seems very legitimate!

One final impressive feature!

I’d be thrilled if this app showed me where to paddle in Ontario, Canada (since that’s where I live). But, the app includes not only all of Canada or even all of the USA. It includes the entire WORLD!

If that wasn’t impressive enough, here’s the final straw; you might think that as you depart from North America, the locations would be far fewer, but you’d be wrong! Locations extend far into Russia, the Pacific rim (Guam???), Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, and beyond!

How Do I Know If a Location Will Work For Me?

Here’s a really valid question and it deserves a good answer! Just because you see a great location near you, how do you know it’ll work for your skill level or your intentions?

The answer is multi-faceted. Hopefully, you know the area where you live well enough to know if a location includes enough wilderness for a week-long kayak or canoe trip, or not.

You can also tell (by the description and a visual display of the satellite photo) if the location offers river access or a lake scenario. That should help to determine what works for you.

The description will add more information so you won’t be at a loss for items to consider and process. At the very least, you’ll gather enough information from the app as you need to begin deeper research.

For example, I know the Temagami area quite well. I also know how to access the best launch point on Lake Temagami.

I used the app to see if others have added it and they certainly have! The problem is that there are no trip descriptions at the access point since you can access over a dozen popular routes from that one put in point.

So, in order to fully plan your trip, you’d need to acquire a Temagami Canoe Routes map and then cross-reference that will the Go Paddling app to get a full picture of what to expect on-site.

State and Provincial Canoeing and Kayaking Laws

Whether you’re kayaking or canoeing in your own county, or planning an out-of-state trip, you’ll need to know some of the restrictions and allowances for canoeists in the area you’ll be paddling.

Thankfully, Rugged Outdoors Guide has done dozens of hours of independent research (in other words, we didn’t steal the information from another website). We can help you determine the state laws for kayaking and canoeing.

Just click the flag to scan the laws for any state you choose.

We’ve also researched every province in Canada, so for you hosers in the Great White North, check out the Provincial kayaking and canoeing laws by clicking the button below.

Key Takeaways

You can check out our interactive paddling locations map on this page or download the Go Paddling app for your iPhone or Android.

The app shows you not only where to go (near you at any given time) but you can search the world for good paddling put-ins, and you can also add your own trips, information, photos, videos, random details and lots more!

You may have to do further research to see if a specific location will work for you, and you may have to purchase maps and guides for specific multi-day trips. The app won’t give you detailed visual route info, portages, topography, etc. as a map will.

You’ll also want to be aware of Provincial and State Canoeing and Kayaking laws so you won’t have an uncomfortable confrontation with a Conservation Officer!

I hope this article has been of some use, and if so, I invite you to check out our YouTube Channel for more trip documentaries, product reviews and DIY projects!

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Pete Stack

After 40 years of experience canoeing, camping, fishing, hiking and climbing in the Ontario wilderness, Pete is eager to combine his love for the outdoors with his passion to write. It is our hope that his knowledge can be passed on through this site and on Rugged Outdoors Guide on YouTube.

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